Clay Imprints

Capture your child / children's or even your pet dog's imprints on to clay and have them beautifully framed and mounted. Clay imprints make wonderful gifts for family or a lovely momento to keep for yourself. 

The process is simple and the clay is safe to use on babies (and dogs). We simply make an imprint into the clay. This is left to dry for 3 weeks, before we fire it for a first time. Once fired, we paint the imprints with a colour of your choice, before glazing and firing the clay for a second time. 

We have a fantastic framer who can then mount and frame your imprints to create a fantastic finished result. The whole process takes approx 6 - 8 weeks. 

We can also take imprints of siblings, adults and families! 

Clay imprints start at £35 for a baby hand & foot clay print or double sibling print and  £40 for a triple sibling print

Paw prints and PAWbles - £15 (single paw print / PAWble) and £30 (double paw print)

Framing costs - £35 (Baby hand & foot, double sibling, paw prints) £40-£45 (Triple sibling print)

For more information or to book in, please contact us on 01200 423947 or email 

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